White Box Alcohol Stove


White Box Alcohol Stove

This beautiful, hand-crafted alcohol stove weighs just 1 oz.! The stove also acts as the stand which keeps the weight to a minimum. The windscreen is just .8 ounces. You could pack lighter with aluminum foil or a smaller piece of dryer vent for your windscreen. Imagine using a stove that weighs only 1 ounce. The beauty of this stove is that it’s stronger than the traditional soda can stoves. Thru hikers don’t need to worry about accidentally crushing it somewhere along the trail. The walls are 3 to 4 times thicker than soda can stoves because it uses an aluminum bottle. The unique design adds to the strength and makes measuring fuel much easier.

Cooking is easy and fast! Just add the fuel and light. It’s faster and hotter than other designs, too. With this little blow torch you'll boil 2 cups of water in about 5 minutes using 2/3 of an ounce of fuel. It will hold up to 3 ounces of fuel and burn for up to 27 minutes boiling 10 cups of water, so you can cook for more than one person, or cook multiple entrees. It's so quiet you won't even hear it. And it burns clean. The flame is invisible during the day and a beautiful blue at night.

There are no moving parts to fail. You can plan just how much fuel to take on your trip because of the reliable burn time so your fuel is extremely light, too. You can use a lightweight soda or water bottle to carry your fuel. Denatured or methyl alcohol are inexpensive and easy to find. It works great in cold temperatures and at high altitudes. Always use a covered pot and windscreen for efficiency. The stove is handmade from 100% recycled materials. The stove is 2” tall and 2 3/8” wide, and works best with fairly wide pots because of the efficient, wide flame pattern. The low cost includes the stove, windscreen, and detailed instructions, all delivered in a white box, of course.

See a helpful video about how to use an ultralight alcohol backpacking stove:



Original stove and accessories   $19.95   No. 5073