Lightweight Sunbelt Polarized Sunglasses


We looked at a lot of sunglasses to find a great combination of high strength, top quality, light weight, popular style, and inexpensive price. These two great-looking models are the perfect backpacking sunglasses. They’re also excellent for biking, climbing, boating, fishing, and driving. Buying sunglasses is confusing. You can find some of the features you need, but not all. These glasses have it all. They use top quality components and materials and are designed for performance and safety. Sunbelt sunglasses meet or exceed U.S. and EU safety standards. The polycarbonate shatter-resistant lenses give you 100% UVA/UVB protection and are polarized to remove glare. Water enthusiasts have known for years that polarized lenses block 100% of reflected glare. But many people don’t know there is less glare for other activities such as hiking, skiing, and driving. The Zepher and Sandbar are both shaped to reduce frame weight and protect you from light from the side and ground level. It’s also nice that Zephyr or Sandbar will help you look great on the trail. Both models weigh only .8 ounces, about half as much as most sunglasses. We can’t totally control the colors we receive. Most models are black or other dark colors. We try to have gray and brown lenses available in both models, but often don't get what we request. If color is important to you, e-mail us for a description of current colors.

$25.95 Sandbar No. 4949

$23.95   Zephyr No. 4948